Welcome to the Center for Advanced Solar Photophysics (CASP)

Solution-processed solar cells

The goal of this center is to explore and exploit the unique physics of nanostructured materials to boost the efficiency of solar energy conversion through novel light-matter interactions, controlled excited-state dynamics, and engineered carrier-carrier coupling. Examples of phenomena that are studied in the center include field enhancement in metal nanostructures for improved light-harvesting and high-efficiency coupling schemes, quantum confinement in semiconductor nanostructures for tailoring absorption spectra and directional transport in energy-gradient assemblies, strong electronelectron interactions in quantum confined materials for increased photogeneration rates via carrier multiplication. The expected outcome of this research is novel approaches for harvesting solar light and converting it into electrical charge with efficiencies at or above equilibrium thermodynamic limits using materials and architectures fabricated via inexpensive, scalable chemical methods.

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