CASP Lectures

This lecture series will include presentations by experts in variety of fields with focus on nanomaterials and their applications in solar energy conversion. The lectures will take place at Los Alamos National Laboratory, TA-46, bldg. 535, Room 103. Please click the links for abstracts.


Monday, February 8, 10am: V. I. Klimov,Center for Advanced Solar Phophysics: Overview of Research Thrusts

Wednesday, February 17, 10am: V. I. Klimov, Nanocrystal Quantum Dots: Electronic Structures and Relaxation Pathways

Monday, February 22, 10am: J. M. Pietryga, Semiconductor Nanocrystal Chemistry: Size and Shape Control, Surface Treatment, Self Assembly

Monday, March 1, 10am: R. D. Schaller, Nanocrystals under Hydrostatic Pressure

Monday, March 8, 10am: S. Crooker, Nanocrystals in Magnetic Field

Monday, March 22, 10am: H. Htoon, Single Nanocrystal Spectroscopy

Monday, March 29, 10am: V. I. Klimov, Auger Recombination and Nanocrystal Lasing

Monday, April 5, 10am V. I. Klimov, Carrier Multiplication: Experimental Aspects and Practical Implications

Monday, April 12, 10am M. Sykora, Nanocrystals in Photovoltaics and Photocatalysis

Wednesday, April 21, 10am: S. Tretiak, Quantum Chemistry of Nanocrystals

Monday, May 10, 10am: J. A. Hollingsworth, Quantum Wires: Synthesis and Applications in Energy

Monday, May 17, 10am A. Piryatinski, Fundamentals of Plasmonics