Victor I. Klimov - Center for Advanced Solar Photophysics

Center Director

Victor I. Klimov,


Victor I. Klimov is a Fellow of Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) and the leader of Softmatter Nanotechnology and Advanced Spectroscopy team in the Chemistry Division of LANL. Victor completed his undergraduate and graduate degrees in Russia at Moscow State University (MSU) specializing in condensed matter physics and laser optics. After defending his Ph.D. thesis in 1981, he joined the Physics Department of the Moscow Institute for Geodesy, Mapping, and Aerial Photography as an Assistant Professor. At the same, he continued his research at the Physics Department of MSU pursuing an advanced scientific degree of Doctor of Sciences (D.Sc.). After successfully defending this degree in 1993, Victor moved to Germany and joined the Institute for Semiconductors in Aachen, Germany as an Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow. In 1995, Victor moved to the US and joined LANL as a Technical Staff Member. Initially, Victor’s work in Los Alamos focused on optical spectroscopy of fullerenes and conducting polymers. In 1998, with funding through the LANL LDRD program, he began a new effort in spectroscopic studies of colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals. Since then, Victor’s effort in nanocrystals has grown into a multimillion dollar program involving more than 30 researchers across different divisions of LANL as well as numerous external collaborators. The focus of Victor’s recent research has been on multiexciton phenomena in semiconductor nanocrystals.  Among other results, this work established that the dominant decay channel for multiple electron-hole pairs in nanocrystals is not radiative decay but extremely fast, nonradiative Auger recombination (Science 287, 1011, 2000). This discovery was critical for the first demonstration of lasing in colloidal nanoparticles reported by his team in 2000 (Science 290, 314, 2000). Using the distinct Auger-decay signature of multiexcitons in nanocrystals, Victor’s team was the first to experimentally demonstrate high-efficiency carrier multiplication (multiexciton generation by single photons) in 2004 (Phys. Rev. Lett. 92, 186601, 2004). This discovery has stimulated a broad worldwide effort focusing on the fundamental physics and practical applications of this phenomenon. For his work on nanocrystals, Victor was elected a Fellow of both the American Physical Society (2003) and the Optical Society of America (2003). He also won the Los Alamos Fellows’ Prize (1999) and in 2004 was named a Los Alamos National Laboratory Fellow.

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Center Associate Director

Matthew C. Beard,


Dr. Matthew C. Beard received a Ph.D. degree in Physical Chemistry from Yale University in 2002 and joined NREL in 2003. Currently, Dr. Beard is a Senior Scientist in the Chemistry and Materials Science Center at NREL. His research interest spans a large range of important physical chemistry problems relating to photoconversion. This includes charge transport in nanoparticle arrays and organic semiconductors, charge and energy transfer, and size-dependent phenomena in quantum-sized materials. He is currently investigating carrier generation and charge transport in assemblies of semiconductor nanocrystals.



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